MongoDB Incidence Response

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Morales, Cory
thesis / dissertation description
NoSQL (Not only SQL) databases have been gaining some popularity over the last few years. Such big companies as Expedia, Shutterfly, MetLife, and Forbes use NoSQL databases to manage data on different projects. These databases can contain a variety of information ranging from nonproprietary data to personally identifiable information like social security numbers. Databases run the risk of cyber intrusion at all times. This paper gives a brief explanation of NoSQL and thoroughly explains a method of Incidence Response with MongoDB, a NoSQL database provider. This method involves an automated process with a new self-built software tool that analyzing MongoDB audit log's and generates an html page with indicators to show possible intrusions and activities on the instance of MongoDB. When dealing with NoSQL databases there is a lot more to consider than with the traditional RDMS's, and since there is not a lot of out of the box support forensics tools can be very helpful.