Large-scale var optimization and planning by tabu search

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Electric Power Systems Research, ISSN: 0378-7796, Vol: 39, Issue: 3, Page: 195-204

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Deqiang Gan; Qu Zhihua; Hongzhi Cai
Elsevier BV
Energy; Engineering; power systems; var planning; combinatorial optimization; tabu search; POWER-SYSTEMS; SECURITY; Engineering; Electrical & Electronic
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A generalization on the tabu search method, recently developed for combinatorial optimization problems, is described in this paper. The novel version of the tabu search method can be used to solve a larger class of combinatorial optimization problems. Application of this method to var optimization and planning, which is formulated as a nonlinear large-scale mixed integer programming problem with non-differentiable objective function, is demonstrated. Judicious engineering judgment which is essential for a successful application of the proposed tabu search is developed. Simulation results of a real-world power system are included. A simulation comparison is done between the proposed method and the simulated annealing method, which is currently one of the most popular method for combinatorial optimization problem.