Dynamic water motion analysis and rendering

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Image Analysis and Recognition, Vol: 3656, Page: 796

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Computer Science; Artificial Intelligence; Computer Science; Information; Systems; Computer Science; Theory & Methods; Imaging Science &; Photographic Technology
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In this paper, we present a novel approach for analyzing the dynamic water motion and transforming the motion in natural scenes to non-photorealistic 2D cartoons. We limit the domain of the original water sequences containing only water surfaces with shallow relief, (the heights of the water wave are relatively small compared to the wave lengths) and one parallel light source. Within this constrained domain, we first automatically rectify the water wave sequence from a generic pose to orthogonal view direction. Then we clearly reveal the relationship between the rectified frames and the surface normal maps. Finally, as an application, a non-photorealistic rendering step is applied to transform the water motion to new cartoon sequences. several results are shown in the paper to demonstrate the quality and widely usability of this novel approach.