Keith Hernandez on women in the dugout

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Crepeau, Richard C.; <p><a href="">Crepeau, Richard C., 1941-</a> (VIAF)</p>
Arete; Sport and Society; American Sport History; Baseball; MLB; Keith Hernandez; Women; Sports; Gender; Sexism; Billy Jean King; Pay equity; Arete, Sport and Society, American Sport History, Baseball, MLB, Keith Hernandez, Women, Sports, Gender, Sexism, Billy Jean King, Pay equity; Women; Sports; Sexism; Hernandez, Keith; Major League Baseball (Organization); King, Billie Jean; Equal pay for equal work; Equality
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Each time I hear the name Keith Hernandez I am taken back to March of 1989 when, at the New York Mets' spring training facility, Darryl Strawberry threw a punch at the first-baseman. It was one of those forgettable moments except for the line that someone got off about the incident: "It was the first time that Strawberry ever hit the cut-off man."