Athletes in confessional mode

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Crepeau, Richard C.; <p><a href="">Crepeau, Richard C., 1941-</a> (VIAF)</p>
Arete; Sport and Society; American Sport History; Professional athletes; Humiliation; Tiger Woods; Sex scandal; Public opinion; Arete, Sport and Society, American Sport History, Professional athletes, Humiliation, Tiger Woods, Sex scandal, Public opinion; Professional athletes; Woods, Tiger; Sex scandals; Corporate sponsorship; Humiliation
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What is it about the media, and by implication, the public, that we seem to require a public confessional from our fallen heroes and icons? As I watched some of the Mark McGwire interview with Bob Costas I wondered if it had started with McGwire looking at the floor and saying, "Forgive me Bobby, for I have sinned." I trust it did not, even though it might have added to the ambiance.