A study of high school students' perceptions of their safety in school

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Testani Cafiero, Christina L.
University of Central Florida
High school students -- Florida -- Osceola County -- Attitudes; High schools -- Safety measures; School violence
thesis / dissertation description
This study was designed to investigate the factors that contributed to high school students' sense of security at school, and what these students perceived as measures that if put in place, would increase their feelings of security. The focus was the relationship between students' perceptions of safety at school and their own opinions of school and their experiences at school. The study was conducted in the School.District of Osceola County, Florida. The population of this study was comprised of all students enrolled in the public high schools in the School District of Osceola County. The sample for the study consisted of354 students from four English classes on six high school campuses within the school district. The Safety Climate Survey, an instrument developed by the researcher was administered to the students during the Fall of 2002. The survey consisted of 5 sections: opinions of school, experiences at school, safety measures, safety concerns, and a demographics section. Results from the study indicated that relationships existed between students' opinions of school and their perceived sense of safety at school; and between students' experiences, particularly victimization experiences, at school and their sense of safety. The strongest correlation between perceived sense of safety and personal experiences existed for student who had been the victims of bullying or threatened by someone at school.