Feasibility of Graywater Systems for the Florida Environment

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Tessitore, Joseph L.
Sewage -- Florida; Water reuse -- Florida
thesis / dissertation description
The objectives of this report was to study the existing literature and data of residential graywater treatment and disposal systems and their possible applications and environmental impacts in Florida. The report addresses mainly (1) the definition of graywater quantity and quality, (2) the evaluation of proposed graywater treatment systems for possible reuse and disposal, (3) the impact of residential graywater systems on existing and proposed wastewater treatment plants, and (4) the possible impacts on groundwater and surface water environment. The report also presents some preliminary residential graywater treatment and disposal system designs including expected treatment efficiencies and cost. It should be cautioned that the proposed designs and efficiencies are based on limited operational or test data, and a great amount of field data was obtained for blackwater septic tanks. Finally, it recommended that additional laboratory, field and operational testing is required to evaluate system design parameters and possible environmental impacts for the Florida Environment.