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Akagawa, Gabriel Bizen
Japanese American; sculptor; Chicago; recycling; wood work; contemporary art; Art Practice; Fine Arts
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(left to right)Title: tar chairSize: 29" x 29" x 56"Medium: chair, tar, enamel paint, tv, dvd player and dvdYear 2011Title: "tar tools"Size: oar 7.5" x 1.5" x 54", jacket: 16: x 2.5" x 19"Medium: canoe oar, tar, life jacket, tar paper, gold paint, leafYear: 2010Title: "foil canoe"Size: 204" x 26" x 32"Medium: aluminum foil, silicone, Old town canoe, ash logs, ropeYear: 2011Title: "PVC smoke"Size 25" x 12" x 120"Medium: pvc, wood, black sumi ink, Year 2006