Extending ‘Toolbox’ of Business Continuity Approaches: Towards Practicing Continuity

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Niemimaa, Marko
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As incidents may have devastating effects for organizations' value creation, preparing for incidents is imperative regardless of organization or the market context. Scholars interested in business continuity have studied ways in which organizations may prepare for the unexpected, and, when realized, respond effectively. Three approaches to continuity are particularly visible in the literature: (1) plans for continuity; (2) technologies for continuity; and (3) social ingenuity for continuity. In addition, a fourth approach has been emerging that underlines the importance of work practices for business continuity. In this research, the fourth approach, 'practicing continuity', is extended and developed further as part of the existing ‘toolbox’ of business continuity approaches. The fourth perspective, in contrast to the three other approaches, is found especially fruitful as it focuses on the constitutive interaction of social and material aspects of work. Implications for business continuity are discussed and conclusions drawn.