Supplement 2009 - 2011

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Vol: 3, Issue: 7, Page: 1-47

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Buhl, Hans Ulrich
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Today, we are proud to present a reprint of the first 18 issues of the plural- istic, rather design science-oriented, interdisciplinary, and peer-reviewed e-journal “Business & Information Systems Engineering” (BISE). BISE addresses the entire techno-economically oriented community and is globally accessible via http://www.,, and this special print we would like to invite interested readers to get a first impres- sion of BISE’s contents and to give authors and reviewers a brief overview of articles published in 2009, 2010, and 2011.This special print compiles the tables of content and the abstracts of the 18 issues from 1/2009 to 6/2011. It furthermore includes the calls for papers for the issues 1/2013 (“Mobile and Ubiquitous Solutions for Health Care of the Fu- ture”), 3/2013 (“BISE and Marketing”), and 5/2013 (“Green IS – Information Sys- tems for Environmental Sustainability”).