Video-Evoked Perspective Taking on CrowdFunding Platforms: Impacts on Contribution Behavior

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Liu, Yang; Bhattacharya, Prasanta; Jiang, Zhenhui
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Crowdfunding has emerged as an important IS phenomenon and warrants attention from researchers and practitioners alike. In this paper, we investigate the influence of specific perspectives that are emphasized in product videos on donations and the pre-order behavior of supporters on crowdfunding platforms. We draw upon self-determination theory and transportation theory to show that videos emphasizing campaign creators and their product-building journey are more likely to draw higher donations while those emphasizing the customer’s utility and benefits are likely to increase pre-order intentions. We further argue that individuals who take a creator's perspective are more resistant to the perceived project risks than those taking a customer’s perspective. This stems from different motivations that are made salient through the two types of videos. Our study furthers research on contribution behavior in crowdfunding platforms and provides significant implications for the IS community.