Towards the Design of Evidence-based Mental Health Information Systems: A Preliminary Literature Review

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Wahle, Fabian; Kowatsch, Tobias
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Mental disorders belong to a significant and serious disease pattern with an increasing prevalence worldwide. Due to limited health personnel and financial resources, scalability of mental health services and tailored care of individuals are two key barriers for a successful treatment. Mental health information systems (MHIS) are expected to address these barriers and thus, it is of utmost importance to understand the underlying technological rules that guide the design of evidence-based MHIS interventions. However, up till now, there is no systematic literature review on the anatomy of MHIS that quantitatively tests the effects of MHIS service configurations on treatment success. We therefore conducted, as a very first step a preliminary review on MHIS in this research-in-progress. This review has not only the objective to present state-of-the-art on MHIS but also to propose a set of fine-grained evaluation criteria relevant for future work on the design of evidence-based MHIS interventions.