Social Inclusion in the AIS Community: What, Why and How?

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Coleman, Emma; Carter, Michelle; Davison, Robert M; Chigona, Wallace; Urquhart, Cathy
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Social inclusion and the importance of work in developing countries has been an increasing topic of conversation during recent AIS conferences, and there are calls for research into ‘making a better world with ICT’. Trauth (2017) in her ‘Research Agenda for Social Inclusion in Information Systems’ states that “social inclusion in the information systems field is a research topic whose time has come”. Perhaps now is the time to debate where we see the future of our community, and how we can get to where we (arguably?) want to be, supporting all academics to have the freedom to participate fully in the activities of the community. As such, this panel asks: what are the barriers to inclusion of IS academics globally in the AIS community? Why is it important to have a socially inclusive AIS community? What strategies can we put in place to overcome these barriers to inclusion?”