Assisted Social Identity Management

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Netter, Michael; Riesner, Moritz; Pernul, Guenther
Management Information Systems
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The rise of the social web shifts personal identity managementto the online world. As a result, personal informationis persistently available to all of a user's contacts withoutdistinguishing between dierent contexts such as Work andLeisure. Personal information being available to audiencesoutside the intended context violates contextual integrityand poses a threat to users' privacy. We argue that a formaldescription and a conceptualization of the problem scope isrequired to systematically address current challenges of personalidentity management in online social settings. Basedthereupon, we propose assisted social identity managementto support the user in nding segregated audiences amonghis contacts as a rst step to advance from the current situationand sketch further improvements. We evaluate ourapproach using real-world data, demonstrating the feasibilityof our proposal.