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TABLE OF CONTENTS – VOL. 4(4), 1983 LETTERSEDITORIALSNEWS AND ANALYSIS Agribusiness Chicken Myth Dispelled Tuna Fishing and Improved Monitoring of Dolphin Mortality A Clear Mandate to Abolish Factory Farming Relief for Iguana Lizards Dogs Endanger Wolves DES in Veal The Welfare of Adult Pigs: The Effects of Five Housing Treatments on Behavior, Plasma Corticosteroids and Injuries Reflections of an Ex-Veal Farmer Research Into Bizarre Alternatives Animal Models in Biomedical Research—Some Paradoxical Findings COMMENTS A Survey of Animal Behavior-Related Research and Testing Activities in North American Agricultural and Veterinary Medical Colleges – W.R. Stricklin Some Preliminary Thoughts on Permitting Animals to Sue in Contract and Tort – H. Cohen Humane Ethics and Animal Rights – M.W. Fox The Potential Role of Local Ethical Committees in the Moderation of Experiments on Animals in Britain – D.P. Britt ORIGINAL AND REVIEW ARTICLES Environmental Psychology and Great Ape Reproduction – T.L. Maple Prostaglandin F₂ₐ Induced Nest Building Behavior in the Non-Pregnant Sow, and Some Welfare Considerations – J.K. Blackshaw Biological Control of Aleutian Island Arctic Fox: A Preliminary Strategy – E.W. West and R.L. Rudd Attitudes Toward Animals in Greco-Roman Antiquity – L. Bodson The Care and Abuse of Pets Within Child Abusing Families – E. DeViney, J. Dickert and R. Lockwood Ethologic and Economic Examination of Aviary Housing for Commercial Laying Flocks – D.W. Fölsch et al. Review of Literature on Use of T-61 as an Euthanasic Agent – L.D. Barocio LEGISLATION AND REGULATIONCURRENT EVENTSBOOK NEWS