Speech Perception With Clearvoice Versus Hires Fidelity 120 in Existing Harmony Users

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Davis, Randi Leigh
cochlear implant; speech perception; Advanced Bionics'; ClearVoice; HiRes Fidelity 120; Communication Sciences and Disorders
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The Speech coding strategies are often the basis of how well a cochlear implant (CI) user does with speech perception and processing. With the recent release of Advanced Bionics' ClearVoice processing strategy, researchers and audiologists alike wish to determine if this speech processing strategy provides benefits for their CI users versus previous strategies. Ten experienced adult users of the Harmony processor participated in the study to assess the speech perception in quiet, and in noise. They compared the HiRes Fidelity 120 to the newest processing strategy, ClearVoice. The study applied a within-subject design to compare performance with ClearVoice HIGH (-18 dB) with HiResolution Fidelity 120. Each subject was evaluated with the ClearVoice settings on HIGH after four weeks of use. A questionnaire was also administered to each subject to determine perceived benefit. Results showed that overall participants performed better with ClearVoice compared to HiRes Fidelity 120 in quiet and in noise. Questionnaire results revealed participants preferred ClearVoice as compared to HiRes Fidelity 120 in the majority of listening situations.