Create a Journey; invite your friends; travel the world.

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Avila, Tyler; Henning, Michael; Brendan Baalke, Mark Stevens
Higher Education
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Over the course of the last several months, our team has been designing and implementing a mobile application to incentivize healthy fitness habits and group interaction through traveling on virtual “journeys” around the world. Users will be able to create an account in the app; search for and add other users, which we call “buddies,” based on their usernames; create a new journey; and join and view the progress of existing journeys they were invited to and/or are contributing to. The journey creation process involves giving it a name, choosing buddies to invite along, selecting a start and end point on a world map, and pressing “start” to begin the trek. Users will leverage their phone’s built-in sensors to track the steps they take and the distance they travel, contributing toward the overall progress of all the journeys they are currently participating in. Along the way, users will encounter random events that will affect their rate of progress and will be recorded in the journey’s “journal,” along with other important milestones. Once journeys are completed, the user can look back at their statistics and journals in a list known as the “journey history.”