The Salish Sea Studies Institute at Western Washington University

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Webber, Bert H., Dr; Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference (2016 : Vancouver, B.C.)
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Fresh Water Studies; Life Sciences; Marine Biology; Natural Resources and Conservation
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Title: The Salish Sea Studies Institute at Western Washington UniversityIts mission is to foster engagement with, respect for and understanding of the Salish Sea by the development of collaborative networks of education research and community involvement.Engagement with: The Salish Sea is not healthy. The sediments and waters are too toxic, populations of mammal’s birds and fish are too endangered and the threat of increased environmental degradation is too great. Despite significant efforts by Federal State and Local governments, the health of the Salish Sea is not being sustained and in many ways continues to decline. WWU’s Salish Sea Studies institute will join the widespread effort to restore and sustain the Salish Sea by working to better understand the effect of the trans boundary differences in data collection, management and policy that relate to the health of the Salish Sea.Respect for: Ultimately the success of restoration of the Salish Sea natural resources will depend on its 7 million people living on or by the Sea having a heightened sense of stewardship of the values of the Salish Sea.Understanding of: The Salish Sea Studies Institute is committed to understanding the State of the Salish Sea by supporting the biannual Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference. And supporting research on the trans boundary nature of science, policy governance and management relating to the Salish SeaCurricular material on the nature of the Salish Sea will first be developed for WWU’s Bachelors degree and will be made available to other users. Ultimately curricular materials will be developed for all grade levels.Scholarship will be supported through the development of an Academy of Salish Sea Scholars dedicated to supporting creating knowledge of the Salish Sea that helps provide a community and forum for students, professors and professionals active in scholarship of the Salish Sea.