Comparison of MMPI-2 profiles of Gulf War veterans with epileptic and nonepileptic seizure patients.

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Assessment, ISSN: 1073-1911, Vol: 7, Issue: 1, Page: 73-8

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Binder, Laurence M.; Storzbach, Daniel; Campbell, Keith A.; Rohlman, Diane S.; Anger, W. Kent; Salinsky, Martin C.; Campbell, Brian R.; Mueller, Reed
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Psychology; Gulf War unexplained illnesses; MMPI-2; epileptic seizures; nonepileptic seizures; somatoform disorders; Epileptic seizures; Gulf war unexplained illnesses; Nonepileptic seizures; Somatoform disorders; Psychology(all); Clinical Psychology
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As part of a larger study of illnesses related to service in the Gulf War, MMPI-2 profiles of epileptic seizure (ES) patients; nonepileptic seizure (NES) patients; Gulf War veterans with unexplained cognitive, psychological, musculoskeletal, fatigue, or dermatologic symptoms; and asymptomatic Gulf War veterans (Controls) were analyzed. There were 70 people in each group. Seizure diagnosis was based upon intensive EEG monitoring. Gulf War cases were mildly abnormal on MMPI-2 Scales Hs and D and significantly higher than controls on 8 of 10 MMPI-2 clinical scales, but they were significantly lower than NES patients on several scales including Hs and Hy.