Non-Use of a Mobile Phone During Conducting Crime Can Also Be Evidential

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Bhattathiripad, Vinod Polpaya, Ph D
Computer Law; Computer Sciences; Defense and Security Studies; Forensic Science and Technology; Information Security; National Security Law; Other Computer Sciences; Social Control, Law, Crime, and Deviance
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Cyber-clever criminals who are aware of the consequence of using mobile phones during conducting crimes often stay away from their phones while involved in crimes. Some of them even change their handset and SIM card, subsequently. This article looks into how, intentional disassociation (and even unintentional non-use) of mobile phone in (non-cyber) crimes, can become evidential clues of the perpetrators’ involvement in criminal acts. With the help of a recent judicial episode, this article reveals how extremely careful and masterful handling of extensive and voluminous Call Details Records and tower dumps by a cyber-savvy investigating official can unearth evidential clues to the location of the perpetrator even when the perpetrator stayed away from his mobile phone in the process of the criminal act