T1-D: Towards Standardization of ABET Student Outcome Assessment

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Renu, Rahul Sharan; Cintron-Gonzalez, Lorna
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The design and development of a relational database for standardizing ABET Student Outcome assessment is presented in this paper. The design process, from problem definition through detailed design, is followed and documented. The functionality developed includes a course-wise repository for Student Outcome assessment instruments; ability to add and delete courses; the ability to add, edit and delete Student Outcomes; and, the ability to add ‘Instructor Notes’ to specific Student Outcomes/courses. The system is designed to be adaptable to changes in Student Outcomes. This is advantageous since ABET is expected to update its Student Outcomes in the near future. A detailed relational schema is presented in this paper, and is made available online for use by fellow academicians. The assessment instrument repository, the note keeping functionality, and the other design features are intended to ensure that ABET Outcome assessment methods are independent of individual instructor biases, are continuously improving, and become standardized over time