A Program of Astronomy Research on the Moon and Its Logistics Implications

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Freeman, Raoul J.; Moore, Roger C.; Schilling, Gerhard F.
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This study concerns itself with one aspect of possible post-Apollo space activity -- a program of astronomical research on the moon that culminates in the establishment of a lunar observatory. A mathematical model is utilized to analyze the logistics implications of conducting such an astronomical research program. The nature of the research equipment needed for the accomplishment of the program is outlined. Superposition of this research program upon a basic long-term lunar-base operations plan tentatively indicates that it could be feasible to conduct such a program of research during the 1970's and 1980's well within the constraints imposed by the logistics of presently planned spacecraft, boosters, and launching facilities. Although the best available numbers were used, the present study is viewed more as an exposition of a methodology than as the establishment of a conclusive result.