Paper Session II-A - Biomedical Applications from Microgravity Experiments Flown on the CMIX Commercial Shuttle Flights

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Cassanto, John M.; Morrison, Dennis; Todd, Paul; Korszun, Richard D.
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NASA's initiatives to encourage the US private sector to invest in space hardware, products, and services are approximately 10 years old. These initiatives have worked and have encouraged the private sector to invest in commercial space projects. 1be Office of Advanced Concepts and Technology (formally NASA's Office of Commercial Programs) has over the years initiated several innovative programs to provide access to space for commercial entities having developed their own hardware with private sector resources. These innovative agreements range from direct "pay to fly" agreements to barter arrangements with a commercial entity.The purp:lse of this paper is to present an overview of the QJmmercial ,MDA ff A E.EJerimems (CMIX) Program, which has flown two Space Shuttle missions during the past 16 months. The paper will show typical data results of new biomedical applications that can be obtained from space processing operations that can be a benefit to the US.