Paper Session I-A - A Case Study in Joint Federal and State Cooperative Activities in Development of Space-Related Programs in Florida

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Schuiling, Roelof L.; O'Conner, Edward A.
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This paper discusses the partnership initiatives between the State of Florida, through the Spaceport Florida Authority, and the United States’ government, through the John F. Kennedy Space Center which are initiated to facilitate the initiation and development of space-related programs and projects. During a time when the Kennedy Space Center is transitioning from earlier ways of operating and earlier roles in the nation’s space program the opportunity of teaming with an office of the State of Florida offers exciting potentialities. The Florida Spaceport Authority and the Kennedy Space Center operate in differing economical, regulatory, and managerial environments. By partnering, both state and federal organizations bring separate strengths to work on projects that benefit the United States’ space programs and the State of Florida’s economic future.As this paper shows, the cooperation of federal and state organizations in space program development is a new and useful instrument which provides a synergy which acts a multiplier in organizational capabilities.