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Accidents, Database of Demining
DDAS; 1997; Angola; missed mine; Defense and Security Studies; Peace and Conflict Studies; Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration; Public Policy; Social and Behavioral Sciences; Social Policy
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At 11:10 he initiated the device while kneeling on the ground "carrying out demining". He had "obviously not found" the device when he had cleared the area himself "some minutes earlier". The mine was "very old and rusty which probably caused the malfunction of the mine". "Metal fragments at the scene confirm that the metal in the mine was almost completely corrugated" [presumably the word "corroded" was intended]. The deminer had been working with the "Ebex 420SI" detector [Ebinger] and either found metal near the mine and did not recheck after removing it, or did not calibrate his detector properly. The device was identified as the booster of a Gyata-64.