An Exploration of the Experience of In-Home Counseling Services

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Czyszczon, Greg
JMU Scholarly Commons
family preservation services; in-home counseling services; phenomenology
thesis / dissertation description
This qualitative study explores the lived experience of in-home counseling services by using a phenomenological method. In-home counseling services are used in situations where families experience extreme emotional distress, in part owing to the problematic behavior of a child. A semi-structured interview was used to elicit parents’ experience of in-home services in a geographical area that included a large portion of Virginia. The study found that the whole of parents’ experience of in-home services was dynamically influenced by constituent parts including the parent’s experience of the child, their experience of parenting, their experience of systems of care, and their experience of the intervention itself. The analysis resulted in three primary findings that describe the essence of participants’ experience.