Migration: An opportunity or a Problem? Why and how is Europe Dealing with Migration?!

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QORRAJ, Meliza
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This papers main aim is to outline recent migration and integration patterns, together with changing attitudes and policies toward them. It summarizes the main trends, policies, reasons, effects and other important issues related to migration in Europe. Si nce the end of 2014, an unprecedented number of people coming from different counties, most of them facing war, poverty and persecution, have been crossing borders into Europe. The current increase in migration to the Europe is rapidly becoming the largest and most complex facing Europe since the World War II. Today, we can say that migration will shape the future of Europe. With more than 1.2 million people applying for asylum only in 2015 require EU to deal with this situation with responsibility. What is evident is the fact that mass migration will be a permanent challenge not only, but especially in Europe. This current flow of humans escaping their countries is not just a passing crisis or a temporary solution. In order to build “a strong Europe upon the foundations of respect, tolerance and solidarity” states of Europe need to have a clear idea of a democratic value and human right respected policy towards migration. Closing borders will not be a solution, same as opening them and not offering the asylum seekers a dignified life opportunity won’t solve the problem. At the end of the day, we all need to be ready to accept migration, mobility and diversity as the new norm and tailor our policies accordingly.