Textbooks on trial

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Willamette Week

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Keene, Linda
Section 337.260; Oregon Revised Statutes; First Amendment; American Civil Liberties Union; Oregon's District Court; Portland School District; Association of American Publisher's School Division
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In this article Keene talks about Section 337.260 of the Oregon Revised Statutes. In this Section it is clearly stated that no textbook should speak slightingly of the nation’s founders. Keene points out that this means that textbooks cannot mention that Washington had slaves and she then quotes an article saying in quip that those must have been agricultural specialists that were brought over to improve the founder’s fields. Keene then mentions that briefs are scheduled for filing in Oregon’s District Court in February and then will be followed by arguments. Donald Eklund, vice-president of the Association of American Publisher’s School Division said that Oregon’s Statute is one of the country’s most stringent. Even though Oregon only represents 1.56 percent of the market it does make a difference because publishers do not print book for Oregon alone. The article ends saying that no textbook has been rejected due to the statute but that is because publishers have complied too well with it and have deleted any questionable material.