CEG 403/603-01: CEG Personal Area Networks

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Pei, Yong
Computer Engineering; Computer Sciences; Engineering; Physical Sciences and Mathematics
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Increasingly, people, computers and microelectronic devices are being linked together to bring to life the communications mantra: anybody, anything, anytime, anywhere. Wireless Personal and Local Area Networks are an essential part of the complex puzzle that will solve the problem of ultimate connectivity. Understanding wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs) is, in itself, a problem due to the fact that there are many technologies and products available, the market has not yet been consolidated, and progress and technological innovation is non-stop. However, it is essential to present students a systematic view of the existing WP AN technologies and their advancements. In this course we will provide an introduction to the concepts, architecture, design, and performance evaluation of personal area networks design principle, protocols and applications. At the conclusion of this course the student will have an understanding of these principles and be capable of implementing network protocols and applications for personal pervasive systems.