Attraction and Motivation of Millennial Generation Volunteers by Nonprofit Organizations

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Shkuro, Yuliya
attraction; Millennial Generation; motivation; nonprofit organization; volunteerism; volunteers; Communication
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Attracting and motivating volunteers, especially younger generation volunteers, is a critical but not easy task for leaders in nonprofit sector. This paper examines what factors have been found to motivate Generation Y to volunteer in nonprofit organizations. Furthermore, the paper focuses on examining literature pertaining to help nonprofit organizations gain information about attraction and retention of younger volunteers. The trends learned from literature review have shown that Millennial volunteers are most likely to volunteer when they want to self-improve (professionally, academically), learn new skills, help disadvantaged, develop identity through association with nonprofit organization, socialize, meet new friends, and establish social network. Finally, Millennials are most likely to volunteer when they can relate their values, interests, hobbies, etc. to the mission/purpose of a nonprofit organization.