A Critical Analysis of Sexual Education and the Benefits of Including Pleasure within Sexual Education Curriculum

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Kerr, Samantha; Comer, Hannah; Gamble, Danielle; Olson, Alexandra; Lough, Liberty
Health and Physical Education
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The purpose of this research is to analyze, compare, and contrast three different sets of sexual education curriculum that includes educational information about pleasure within the material. Comprehensive sexual education curriculum hones in on the importance of including many different aspects and types of sexuality as well as addressing socio-cultural, biological, psychological and spiritual dimensions of sexuality. Our research will look at comprehensive sexual education curriculum that includes pleasure within its lesson plan, and discussing the benefits and significance of educating adolescents about the importance of exploring and enjoying one’s sexuality in the process of achieving sexual maturity. From our findings, we hope to address the ways in which incorporating pleasure within sexual educational material promotes healthy sexuality and consensual, non-exploitative, and pleasurable sexual relationships.