"The Wrong shall fail, The Right prevail, With peace on earth, good-will to men!"

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Rudy, John M.
CW150; Gettysburg; Gettysburg College; Civil War Era Studies; Civil War Interpretation; Beyond the Battle; Harpers Ferry; History Channel; interp examples; Power of Place; Cultural History; History; Public History; Social History; United States History
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This past Saturday night, I was standing in one of my old haunts. The Dry Goods Store at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park is perhaps my favorite place to be an interpreter, especially at night. Low wattage lightbulbs (simulating whale oil or tallow lamps) and the darkness outside the windows make that building a perfect time machine. Near the end of the night, a family came in with two enthusiastic sons. One wearing a toy kepi and carrying a brand new souvenir envelope of Confederate money rushed around the store asking if he could, “buy that with this.” His excitement at being in the historical space could not be contained. [excerpt]