Behind the Scenes: Secrets of Preparing for Successful Research Appointments

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Myers, Sarah
Musselman Library; Gettysburg College; Reference Intern; Research Appointment; Information Literacy; Library and Information Science
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Have you ever noticed how librarians are stereo-typically portrayed in movies and on TV? There is the perception that librarians are extremely uptight, awkward, and boring, that they require nearly complete silence, and they rarely offer any actual help. That is definitely not what being an academic librarian is about. For me, it’s about helping, learning new ideas, exchanging information, and making the research process (which I love!) a bit easier. Remember the librarians in Matilda or on Arthur? They were always willing to help and make the process of finding resources a little bit easier. That’s what I want to do. Over the last couple weeks, I have been helping students navigate the research process through one-on-one research appointments. [excerpt]