Post-College Pride

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Charles, Beau
career; dating; Gender; Gettysburg College; Homecoming; Identity; LGBTQ; Love; Sexuality; Transgender; work; Surge; Surge Gettysburg; Center for Public Service; Civic and Community Engagement; Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
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So I was on this date, right, with a man I met in my hometown. In my hometown, except for a few friends, people don’t really know that I’m trans, that I have a whole different name and person. I go by a nickname at home to lessen the cringing response to my birth name. I assume I radiate a queer energy, but not everyone picks up on that. So this man asked me about my dating life, astounded that a catch like me could possibly be single. I mentioned off-hand that I’d had a girlfriend and didn’t want to date for awhile.[excerpt]