Strengthening the Precalculus Bridge: Enhancing the Precalculus Student's Understanding of Tangents Co conics, Biquadratic Equations, and Maxima and Minima.

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DeFord, Dinah Lynn
biquadratic; minima; maxima; tangents; precalculus; conics; Curriculum and Instruction; Education
thesis / dissertation description
Many students face tremendous difficulty in high school and/or college level calculus courses. The author hopes that by introducing students to the following nontraditional three topics prior to calculus, students' understanding of calculus will be enhanced. This thesis focuses on the following topics: Tangent Lines to ConicsMaxima and MinimaBiquadratic EquationsBecause these topics are not generally covered in precalculus courses, there are several possible uses for them. An instructor could use the material as: An added classroom resourceProject assignments for outside classroom studyA student resource for precalculus advanced studies, orAn independent studyThis thesis assumes that the student is well prepared for the precalculus course by having a good understanding of foundational algebra skills.