Remediating the Transient Music Student Using Hypermedia and Finale Performance Assessmentâ„¢ : A Recorder Based Model.

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Philbeck, Nancy K.
Music; Recorder; Transient; Remediation; Arts and Humanities; Music Education
thesis / dissertation description
The purpose of this study was to develop, implement and test a tool designed to help transient students gain the basic musical knowledge and skills needed to successfully complete a fourth-grade unit of recorder study. The project resulted in the development of a hypermedia-based application.The seven-week study consisted of 49 fourth-grade students. Students were given pitch reading and rhythm pattern identification pre-tests and post-tests. Students participated in weekly tests and tutorial sessions via the hypermedia-based application. At the conclusion of the study, the students were given post-tests and a performance test.The pre-test and post-test scores for the transient and established populations were analyzed. A t-test analysis revealed a significant improvement in the scores of the established and transient populations. It appears that the hyper-media application may be an effective tutorial for transient students.