Italian Domination in Complementary Prisms

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Russell, Haley D
East Tennessee State University
graph theory; complementary prism; Roman $\{ 2 \}$-domination; Italian domination; Other Mathematics
thesis / dissertation description
Let $G$ be any graph and let $\overline{G}$ be its complement. The complementary prism of $G$ is formed from the disjoint union of a graph $G$ and its complement $\overline{G}$ by adding the edges of a perfect matching between the corresponding vertices of $G$ and $\overline{G}$. An Italian dominating function on a graph $G$ is a function such that $f \, : \, V \to \{ 0,1,2 \}$ and for each vertex $v \in V$ for which $f(v)=0$, it holds that $\sum_{u \in N(v)} f(u) \geq 2$. The weight of an Italian dominating function is the value $f(V)=\sum_{u \in V(G)}f(u)$. The minimum weight of all such functions on $G$ is called the Italian domination number. In this thesis we will study Italian domination in complementary prisms. First we will present an error found in one of the references. Then we will define the small values of the Italian domination in complementary prisms, find the value of the Italian domination number in specific families of graphs complementary prisms, and conclude with future problems.