Cultural Competence and Ethical Decision Making for Health Care Professionals

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Humanities and Social Sciences, ISSN: 2330-8176, Vol: 4, Issue: 2, Page: 41-41

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Louw, Brenda
Science Publishing Group
cultural competence; ethical decision making; health care professionals; Speech and Hearing Science; Speech Pathology and Audiology
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Cultural competence and ethical decision making are two separate, yet intrinsically related concepts which are central to services rendered by all health care professionals. Cultural competence is based on ethical principles and informs ethical decision making. In spite of this important connection, the interrelationship of these two concepts does not receive the attention it deserves in the literature. This issue is addressed by appraising the training and assessment of cultural competence and ethical decision making in the health care professions. The integrated relationship of these two concepts is illustrated within the broader contexts of higher education, research and clinical practice. Health care professionals who incorporate cultural competence and ethical decision making will be empowered to provide the best services to their clients/ patients in multicultural contexts to ensure optimum outcomes.