Stimulability Intervention

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Interventions for Speech Sound Disorders in Children (CLI), Page: 179-202

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Williams, A. Lynn; McLeod, Sharynne; McCauley, Rebecca J.; Warren, Steven F.; Fey, Marc E.
Brookes Publishing; Brookes Publishing; Cengage Learning; Paul H. Brookes Pub.
speech sound disorders; speech disorders resource guide; preschool children; Communication Sciences and Disorders; Speech Pathology and Audiology
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Book Summary: With detailed discussion and invaluable video footage of 23 treatment interventions for speech sound disorders (SSDs) in children, this textbook and DVD set should be part of every speech-language pathologist's professional preparation. Focusing on children with functional or motor-based speech disorders from early childhood through the early elementary period, this textbook gives preservice SLPs critical analyses of a complete spectrum of evidence-based phonological and articulatory interventions.This textbook fully prepares SLPs for practice with a vivid inside look at intervention techniques in action through high-quality DVD clips large and varied collection of intervention approaches with widespread use across ages, severity levels, and populations proven interventions in three categories: direct speech production, broader contexts such as perceptual intervention, and speech movements clear explanations of the evidence behind the approaches so SLPs can evaluate them accurately contributions by well-known experts in SSDs from across the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK An essential core text for pre-service SLPs—and an important professional resource for practicing SLPs, early interventionists, and special educators—this book will help readers make the best intervention decisions for children with speech sound disorders.Evidence-based intervention approaches—demonstrated in DVD clips—such as: minimal pairs perceptual intervention core vocabulary stimulability treatment intervention for developmental dysarthria the psycholinguistic approach Interventions for Speech Sound Disorders in Children is a part of the Communication and Language Intervention Series