Quantum Critical Transition Amplifies Magnetoelastic Coupling In Mn[N(Cn)(2)](2)

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Physical Review Letters, Vol: 110, Issue: 23

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Brinzari, T V; Chen, P; Sun, Q C; Liu, J; Tung, L C; Wang, Y; Schlueter, J A; Singleton, J; Manson, Jamie L; Whangbo, M H; Litvinchuk, A P; Musfeldt, J L Show More Hide
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We report the discovery of a magnetic quantum critical transition in Mn[N(CN)(2)](2) that drives the system from a canted antiferromagnetic state to the fully polarized state with amplified magnetoelastic coupling as an intrinsic part of the process. The local lattice distortions, revealed through systematic phonon frequency shifts, suggest a combined MnN6 octahedra distortion + counterrotation mechanism that reduces antiferromagnetic interactions and acts to accommodate the field-induced state. These findings deepen our understanding of magnetoelastic coupling near a magnetic quantum critical point and away from the static limit.