Solving the Problem of Resultant Luck: Extrapolating from Hegel

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Sutter, Constance
Hegel; Moral Luck; Responsibility; Resultant Luck; Ethics and Political Philosophy; Philosophy
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The problem of resultant luck leaves us with a dilemma: Reject the intuition that agents should be blamed only to the extent that events depend on factors within their control, or reject the pre-theoretical intuition that agents should be blamed in cases of negligence. Although many potential solutions have been put forth, the problem remains unsolved. In this paper, I diagnose why the problem has been recalcitrant, and I describe what a genuine solution must explain. To illustrate what such a solution would look like, I defend an interpretation of Hegel's concept of action and moral responsibility, and I show how his view explains a deeper puzzle underlying the problem. Extrapolating from the Hegelian solution, I explain what's essential to solving the problem of resultant luck and the problem of moral luck more generally.