Models of Learning, Education, and the Role of Immersion in Pedagogy

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Wright, Sarah; Emerson, Anna; Franzen, Maggie; Mahr, Riley
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The Immersive Media Lab started in February of 2017 with a critical focus on the implications of virtual and augmented reality on our society, specifically education. Our mission has always been to explore the possibilities of this media and put UWM at the forefront of its application. Through cross-disciplinary projects, such as the “MoonPhases” STEM teaching tool- a hands-on spatial simulation-- and “Ephemeral Forest” interactive exhibition, our team has begun to establish a framework for understanding the potential this media has as a tool for learning. The support we’ve garnered has taken our research to the next level, zeroing in on the capabilities of immersive media as a tool for mentors and educators everywhere, and allowed for everyone on this team to focus specifically on different facets of this larger issue. “Education” is a large undertaking, and the first step is supporting our teachers. Our team is tempering this media as a tool to empower educators, exceed the “standard of learning,” and help bridge the educational gaps.