The Somaliland Experiment: Issues of Identity and Recognition for a Nation

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Krug, Erica
International Relations; Politics and Social Change; Sociology of Culture
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This paper seeks to discuss Somaliland in relation to it’s current status as an unrecognized nation. On the one hand looking at post-colonial Somali’s and their inheritance from colonization, while at the same time discussing with Somalilanders what recognition might mean to them here today and now.The paper will discuss the history of the Somali people, taking special consideration for the perspective of Somaliland as a post-colonial nation that has both similarities and differences from other post-colonial African nations. Somalilanders themselves will participate in the discussion of what recognition means to them and what their concerns might be regarding recognition.A presentation of data, the author’s reflections on the data and some key pieces of interesting data will be reviewed. From this, the author will make recommendations for future use which may be of value to: Somaliland peace and conflict groups, organizations or persons studying pro’s and con’s of international aid, authorities studying issues of recognition, and most importantly, Somalilanders interested in becoming more aware of the pro’s and con’s of recognition and preparing their community for the future.