Benefits to Adolescents Who Perform Community Service: A Perspective from Adolescent Health Researchers

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8, Vol: 39, Issue: 7, Page: 8-11

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Hopkins, Gary; McBride, Duane C; Featherston, Brent C.; Gleason, Peter C.; Moreno, Jacqueline
Law Enforcement and Corrections
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In the arenas of health, social scientists have learned over the past two decades that engagement in community service among adolescents often result in valuable outcomes. In other words, the persons being served are not the only ones benefiting from the experience, the providers of the service benefit as well. The purpose of this paper is to share with the legal community some of what we as social science researchers have learned from our research and also learned from the research of others in both health and education regarding benefits of community service among adolescents. We also will share with the readers what we have learned about structuring a successful community service and/or service learning program or process.