C-2 Mustard Seed Meal Influences on Velvetleaf Growth

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Zdor, Robert
Agriculture; Life Sciences
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The use of natural products in weed management is an attractive option to reliance on herbicides for weed control. Mustard seed meal (MSM), a byproduct of mustard condiment production, has been used to suppress a variety of weeds and plant pathogens. In this study oriental mustard “Pacific Gold” seed meal was found to be superior to mustard “Ida Gold” seed meal in reducing velvetleaf seedling growth in soil. Formulation of oriental MSM with a deleterious rhizobacterium did not improve the weed suppressive effect of the MSM probably due to the loss of active agent during the formulation process. Further research is examining ally-isothiocyanate, the active agent in oriental MSM, as a herbicidial chemical in reducing velvetleaf growth.