Of Dragons and Daydreams

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CONFERENCE: Celebration of Learning

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Marchi, Christine
Art; Watercolor; Graphite; Dragons; Daydreams; Characters; Galaxy; stars; D&D; Fine Arts; Illustration; Painting
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Have you ever gotten caught in a daydream? One that flows through your mind on a whim, taking your stream of conscious hostage? Have you ever run along with that dream? Let it grow and blossom into a network as your mind passes through colors and feelings beyond what any reality could give you, only to be brought back by a sharp slap on your desk as your professor snaps you out of this enticing realm of thought?These thoughts and feelings are how my art comes to be. Some rogue emotion gone wild with a mind of its own, until it’s just too big to keep contained any longer, so the idea gets rendered on paper. Physical images of how I have felt or depictions of characters that had decided to take my mind for a ride. These characters are the main drive of my artistic process, inspired by dragons, epic fantasy, and the beauty I find in the vast unknown reaches of outer space. Each character is unique and comes with their own story. I favor some over others, but when it comes down to it each one represents a piece of who I am, hidden or visible to a stranger's eye. Graphite has always been my preferred medium, however its monochrome tendencies failed to show how my thoughts tend to come in bursts of color. So why not let your mind wander amongst the colors for a time, and come explore the realm of dragons and daydreams.