Charles Moore, '79 (BardCorps)

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Moore, Charles
Bard Digital Commons
WXBC; Leon Botstein; Bard Observer; Hudson Valley; Eli Yarden; Ben Boretz; Joan Tower; Trolls; Twilights; Donald Fagen; Bard Hall; Albee; Woods Studio; Education; History
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Moore speaks about the resurgence of WXBC; musicianship alongside the likes of Todd Rundgren and Bob Dylan; his passion for writing and recording; his upbringing in Woodstock; the landscape as Bard's greatest asset; his role with NBC's The Today Show; making your own fun; '79 as President Botstein's first graduating class; the days of captive radio audiences; music for the Bardian masses in 1979; a 24 hour radio cycle; musical growth through independence and elbow grease. Moore donated to the archives a 1979 program guide for WXBC, and his original 'cardboard cutout' of Leon Botstein worn at his graduation.