Two Pieces: Bodies: An Offering (February 2014), no self to help (May 2014) & An Offering

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Senior Projects Spring 2014

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Hackett, Julie Marie
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Dance; Bodies; Identity; Gender; Theatre and Performance Studies
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Artist StatementI am a conjuror of ideas, a sculptor of space and time, and an explorer of form. My work attempts to tackle the modern, realistic lifestyle, questioning the systems we socially operate within and challenging conceptions of the sociocultural identity an individual inherently possesses. Through my process of creation and performance, I strive to facilitate a specific experience for my audience, one that ideally raises new questions for them as to how they see and understand individuals before them, and how that translates to the reception of a performing body. I incorporate meditations on sociocultural and sociopolitical identifiers into my work, framing the importance of the person that is the body and vice versa. I am interested not in stripping down the performer to the bare skin, but rather unraveling and exploring the multi-faceted existence of the individual in hopes of discovering deeper layers of intricacy and new forms of identity expression.