Is Phonemic Awareness Directly Related to Reading Achievement in Fourth Grade Students?

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Schaefer, Fredericka E.
Phonemic awareness; reading achievement; reading comprehension; reading mastery; Education; Elementary Education; Language and Literacy Education
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This study looked at the relationship between phonemic awareness and reading achievement in fourth grade students. The study involved 26 fourth graders from the same class at a suburban school in western NewYork State. The question addressed was: Can phonemic awareness be used as a predictor of reading achievement with fourth grade students? The data were collected using the word recognition and passage comprehension sections of the Woodcock Reading Mastery Test and the Yopp-Singer Test of Phoneme Segmentation. The Pearson product-moment coefficient of correlation was calculated to determine to what extent reading ability and phonemic awareness are related. This study doesn't point to a strong relationship between phonemic awareness and reading ability in fourth grade students. This finding conflicts with similar research conducted with younger students. Some possible explanations are given for this discrepancy.