Impact of the Impressions Program and Whole Language on Third Graders in the Hilton Central School District

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Maier, Virginia W.
THESIS 606; Brockport Thesis Collection; Education; Language experience approach in education; primary reading; language arts
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The purpose of this thesis is to determine if there is any statistically significant advantage manifested as a result of the use of the Impressions program. This will be determined by an analysis of test scores achieved by the third grade students on the PEP test administered to all third graders during May, 1987.Data was collected for each group to establish equivalence by comparing SAT test scores from the end of second grade, administered in May of 1986. These scores will then be compared to test scores from the PEP test administered at the end of third grade in order to determine if there is any statistically significant improvement as a result of one year of instruction with the Impressions program.